About ALIC


About ALIC

The International Climate Alliance (ALIC) was founded in Paris on August 31, 2022. Our foundation is built on equity, active solidarity, cooperation, humanism, and economic sustainability. Our focus is on addressing the specific needs of the African population and its diaspora, considered the sixth region of the African continent. ALIC is a non-governmental organization formed by a coalition of dedicated individuals, African civil society forces, and diaspora members. We strive to play a crucial role in resolving the challenges related to climate and socio-economic disruptions and issues with drinking water and sanitation that affect all Africans. Our strength lies in our diverse backgrounds and experiences, which provide us with a comprehensive understanding of common aspects, the specificities of our environments and societies, and our strengths and weaknesses. 





Our mission

Our mission is to contribute to the emergence and development of dynamic environmental, social, and civic policies driven by young Africans, making them the catalyst for the continent's transformation in terms of climate policy. We aim to promote a highly positive image of Africa and its diaspora by highlighting initiatives and actions that help meet the challenges of sustainable development and access to water.

our team

Pape Faye

Pape Faye is an active member of civil society committed to implementing concrete and immediate initiatives. Early on, Pape Faye took an active part in associative projects that have had a significant impact. As a student at the University of Dakar, he helped develop youth projects, particularly as early as 1986, when he organized the first information and awareness-raising event on AIDS and drugs. This first edition was repeated in 1996. Later, he got involved in numerous associations, such as the Union des Jeunesses Africaines du Monde. He was also a member of the Executive Council of the Arab-African Youth Council for ten years. Today, his efforts are focused on improving Africa's living conditions by reducing climate change's impact.

Linda Primé

Linda Primé took an early interest in public affairs, first by joining the regional youth council of Guadeloupe, then by obtaining a degree in law and political science at the Université des Antilles/Guyane, before moving to mainland France where she continued to get involved in various associations: l'Association des Jeunes de Guadeloupe, AfroFem, L'Afev. In all her initiatives, Linda has sought to promote the values of solidarity, mutual assistance, hard work, and equal opportunity within the community. Her social vocation led her to obtain a Master 2 in Private Law from the University of Créteil, specializing in the rights of vulnerable persons, a field in which she works as a court-appointed representative.

Ibrahma Khalil Gueye

Khalil Guèye has a degree in sports management and international relations and is a passionate sportsman with solid diplomatic, political, and sporting experience. He is recognized as an expert in sports diplomacy and works daily for peace in Africa. Aware of the repercussions of climate change, which affect all the components necessary for peace in Africa, he places his expertise at the service of the organisation.


After graduating, Berthe worked for a company in the Congo. Arriving in France in 2001, after several years devoted to raising her children, she realized the importance of continuous learning and took a training course that enabled her to re-enter the job market and establish herself long-term, thanks to new accounting skills. She has been working as an accountant since COVID.

The earth is our common property; we must cultivate it with respect and love.

Pierre Rabhi


We have a moral responsibility to do what is right for the planet and for future generations.

Desmond Tutu

South Africa

The struggle for human rights and the environment are inseparable. We must protect our planet to guarantee a dignified life for all its inhabitants.

Biram Dah Abeid


Nous devons travailler ensemble pour trouver des solutions durables qui protègent notre environnement tout en permettant le développement économique.

Kofi Annan


Africa is at the forefront of climate change impacts, and we need to invest in sustainable solutions that benefit our communities

Akinwumi Adesina


Peace on Earth depends on our ability to protect our environment.

Wangari Maathai