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About ALIC

The International Climate Alliance (ALIC) was founded in Paris on August 31, 2022. Our foundation is built on equity, active solidarity, cooperation, humanism, and economic sustainability. Our focus is on addressing the specific needs of the African population and its diaspora, considered the sixth region of the African continent.





Our mission

Our mission is to contribute to the emergence and development of dynamic environmental, social, and civic policies driven by young Africans, making them the catalyst for the continent's transformation in terms of climate policy. We aim to promote a highly positive image of Africa and its diaspora by highlighting initiatives and actions that help meet the challenges of sustainable development and access to water.


Our programs

Women - Children - Human rights

Encourage sustainable collective economic women's initiatives and ensure equal access to rights.

Diaspora & Investment

Encourage the diaspora to invest in local transformation projects and build strong bridges between the parties.

Health - Prevention

Ensure every individual on the continent has access to infrastructures that enable them to meet their essential health and hygiene needs.

Drinking water - Sanitation - Energy

Work towards universal access to drinking water, sanitation, and energy as part of promoting sustainable development for all Africans.

Economic transformation

Stimulate and support initiatives promoting sustainable economic development at regional, national, and continental levels.

Education & Training for Sustainable Employment

Encourage education and training for sustainable, long-term jobs to facilitate young people's access to projects with high-added value for the environment.


They inspire us

The earth is our common property; we must cultivate it with respect and love.

Pierre Rabhi


We have a moral responsibility to do what is right for the planet and for future generations.

Desmond Tutu

South Africa

The struggle for human rights and the environment are inseparable. We must protect our planet to guarantee a dignified life for all its inhabitants.

Biram Dah Abeid


Nous devons travailler ensemble pour trouver des solutions durables qui protègent notre environnement tout en permettant le développement économique.

Kofi Annan


Africa is at the forefront of climate change impacts, and we need to invest in sustainable solutions that benefit our communities.

Akinwumi Adesina


Peace on Earth depends on our ability to protect our environment.

Wangari Maathai



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